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Mountain Toppers. Inc

Has Been Selling Truck Accessories for Over 30 Years!     

After being a Top-Selling Leer Dealer for several years,

 a decision was made to become a Raider Dealer

 several years ago by the Hart boys.

Being a company who wants to take care of any warranty issues,

 it was determined that a change to Raider

 would be in the best interest of our customers.

 The partnership has been a positive one

 and we feel  Raider serves our customers well

 when it comes to warranty issues

 and manufacturing a top quality product.

 Raider has the Best Warranty on the market.

In 2006 Mountain Toppers became an A.R.E. Dealer

 when A.R.E was looking for a dealer to better represent them

 in this area of Utah. Being that Mountain Toppers was looking

 to expand its product line so there would be more choices

 available for our customers....we happily

accepted A.R.E. to our line of truck toppers.

 We have found the collaboration has worked out very well.

A.R.E. deals with any warranties quickly and provides good

customer service to us and our customers,

 as well as making a High Quality Product.

We also added U-Haul Kazuma, and Mahindra Tractors to our product and service line.

A.R.E. Truck Caps Are A Welcome Addition

 To Our Truck Topper Line. We Want To Give You More Selection!

 Visit Us Soon To Look At Our Selection Of Truck Toppers!

Talk to one of our experienced sales people

 and they will explain the features, benefits, and warranties

 of the products we offer. Our customers

 can purchase a product with confidence.

Our trained installers will install your topper

 and/or accessories professionally and with care.

Mountain Toppers has available a large selection of truck accessories

 in stock or by special order.

 As we progress, we will strive to fulfill our customers needs

 with the products and services we offer. Watch for Our NEW Truck Accessories Online Ordering Internet Site Where Truck Accessories Rule


Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing our customers

 the best aftermarket accessories and toppers

 at the best prices always!

We will match or beat our competition's prices on equivalent

 or same brand items whenever possible.

 We'll stand behind our installations and warranties.

We'll give our customers fast, friendly customer service.

Ask Us....we'll give you an honest answer!

We Thank All Our Loyal Customers Over the Years Who Have Shopped At All Our Locations

 for their business and passing the word!



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